Branded Virtual Presentations

Highly engaging branded presentations for the B2B community.

Getting an audience to engage with a detailed financial report or stakeholder presentation can be challenging today. You need another solution that elevates your business, brand or product demo above your competition.

Bareska have been using Sports TV studio systems for businesses since 2017, providing truly engaging branded presentations in your own studio. With animating graphics that really bring your information to life, your audience cannot help but be engaged!

We design and build your unique studio environment, provide animating data in the form of pie charts, histograms and line graphs. We can even bring a world map to life to illustrate your global balance sheet. And now, we are really pushing the world of Augmented Reality for businesses by including the use of real-time photorealistic 3D models of products or objects live on the stage.

This allows you to interact with a 3D model in a virtual space. Perhaps for a product reveal or sales pitch.

Not sure which video service you need? We provide a video-first approach to your business in a number of ways - take a look at our other services.

Our teams of video strategists and video creators are standing by ready to make your brand and business communication video-first.

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