Love being interviewed on camera!

Even for the seasoned professional, performing on camera can be a stressful time and we’ve worked with hundreds of TV presenters who don’t always get it right! After all, having a camera, crew and lights all looking at you and hanging on what you’re about to say is no natural thing! If you’ve asked to be in a company video, don’t worry – this feeling you’ve got right now is perfectly normal but we’re here to help you though it.

We’ve interviewed literally thousands of people over the years and know this can be a really daunting prospect for the person sat in front of the camera. But rest assured, help is here!

We’ve written this handy toolkit that gives you 6 of the most valuable insights and tips we think anyone in your shoes would need to know!

The unspoken truths about appearing on camera – what to wear, what not, how to sit, how to speak, where to look, what the crew is doing while they set-up and why. It’s all in here!


Download now to learn the trade secrets to excelling on camera.

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