Don’t cancel your conference!

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Maintaining high value branded sessions and events during the Coronavirus pandemic.

At Bareska we obsess over quality, ensuring that the narrative and appearance of what we create for our clients is second to none. Consistent content is key for any of our clients within their marketing mix and we want to ensure we can deliver that, no matter the situation.

Currently, most of us are using the same platforms to communicate. All these platforms don’t reflect the identity of your brand or present the assets you wish to display at the quality that they were initially intended, and we wanted to change that.

Bareska and vMix give you Live TV quality branded sessions to keep your business speaking to your marketplace.

In-line with the current pandemic and accelerated from our business growth plan, we’ve been able to implement our latest offering, vMix.

vMix is a news broadcast style webinar option that allows us and our clients to create high-value branded content that can be broadcast live, shared on social media, used to win pitches or used within other digital settings.

Your sessions will be branded, high quality and like a live TV show.

This bespoke platform allows the user to harness multiple inputs from video cameras, webcams, videos, PowerPoints, photography, audio files and devices plus many more. This means that the broadcast can move between a maximum of eight speakers, presentations, videos and other formats seamlessly.

Team this with animations and custom graphics including logos, location data, bespoke captions, plus scrolling information tickers and you truly will stand out from the crowd. Not only that but we take the pain away entirely by remotely controlling the process. There’s no screen sharing, switching speakers from your end, all you need to do is participate. In true Bareska fashion, we thought we’d show you this works…

A No pain approach to running sessions online.

To deliver your broadcast, we can support you through a range of options. Whether you want to live broadcast through your social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or you would like to build a bespoke landing page to drive traffic to. Our branded landing pages give insight into viewing habits, audience size and location and can be used as a video on demand service for the next year as well.

Impress your customers and marketplace.

In addition to this we can help you turn this broadcast into a highlight video or series of ‘micro moments’ to pick out key takeaways from your live session. This ensures that you create valuable content surrounding your webinar whether it forms part of a campaign, a one-off communication or an integral business pitch.

For more information regarding the platform and its benefits get in touch today.