Financial services.

We create and deliver high value video-first campaigns for banks, credit institutions, insurers, re-insurers, brokers and many more.

In supporting one global reinsurance giant on a re-brand, we conceptualised and delivered a 6-month campaign of targeted video marketing to communicate the message.

Over the course of a 10-week period, we created and delivered a 3-minute branded virtual studio presentation to convey company position and capability. Played in as inserts our teams filmed in the USA, Germany and the UK to craft thought leadership and company promotion from the firm’s key leaders and CEO.

As a result of the rebrand and widely viewed and talked about videos, this global insurance customer saw an increase of 18% in new premiums. That equated to 57% of their three-year growth target in the first year!

CEO and President said, ‘The campaign had been well received by both clients and brokers but also increased the alignment of our employees across the globe’.

As we entered Q1 of fy21, our teams were tasked to update the financial data from the virtual studio piece. Because of the implications of a pandemic lockdown, ordinary filming and production methods became impossible.

Our teams set about re-purposing previously filmed presenter links and re-cut them with newly created 2d animation to create a new, fresh and up to date piece of key company and market communication without any of the customer team having to leave their homes.

The content was delivered and published to a targeted audience online using a number of analytical publishing tools at our disposal.

Number of videos: 31
Impressions: 204,988
Views: 64,636
Completion rate: 14.36%
Clicks: 621
CTR: 0.3%

In supporting this speciality insurance association with the promotion of a new app, we took a creative route – away from the conventional head-and-shoulders video.