Supporting a new global brand position in a 330 year old marketplace through innovative video marketing.

As a global technology services provider DXC technology play a hugely significant role in maintaining and running key infrastructure and systems in many industries around the world. In London we have supported their insurance business services as digital transformation of an entire marketplace takes place.

We needed to help DXC reach its insurance audience by building out a clear and human set of narratives that defined a series of video communication that we’d publish to a targeted audience. In short, we needed to force clear brand and account messages onto the feeds of an industry historically reluctant to accept or undergo change. DXC are a business with change in their DNA so this was a task made in video marketing heaven for our team.

We delivered a year-long vision of video messaging and a method for reaching the audience that needed to hear it.

Supporting that movement for change was a new DXC program called Digital Minds that set to change the industry status quo. Starting with a cohort of 15 delegates, Digital Minds brought together some of the industry’s best minds hungry for change and gave them a safe space to share challenges, collaborate on industry solutions and foster a culture of working that leads to market-wide digital transformation where all levels of business leadership is engaged and hungry for improvement.

Bareska supported Digital Minds at every step, reporting on all sessions, program promotion and working with the Digital Minds team on where the program could grow and improve in how it conveys its message to the market.

Today, the Digital Minds program has grown to over 120 delegates from over 70 market organisations and businesses.

In 2019 we delivered over 80 video messages and narrative pieces to a niche industry of 50,000 people. We had contributed to an improved brand perception, greater brand and company awareness and a growing sense of market significance for our customer.

Number of videos: 61
Impressions: 1,258,448
Views: 369,830
Completion rate: 12.9%
Clicks: 2,861
CTR: 0.23%

In 2019 we continued our support by delivering innovative new video tools such as a branded DXC virtual studio, conference coverage and creative conceptualisation and more recently supporting high value pitches for new market solutions.

In 2020 we have developed a marketing strategy that magnetically aligns itself to the sales strategy and business leadership – supporting local and global products in messaging, narratives and sales strategy that uses video and creative to sell.

Over 80 individual videos will be produced across 2020.

Bareska have partnered with DXC Technology since November 2017 and have become the core of our marketing and sales strategy. Their consistent professionalism from consultancy, video production, high end pitch delivery and audience data has become integral in enabling us to deliver a service to our clients. They’re a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally and an asset to any business.

John Taylor, Account General Manager at DXC’s London insurance account