Education & Training

We have been helping schools and education authorities train and inform their staff and pupils since 2010.

Engaging your staff with video training that’s accessible, instant and personal.

Putting your training resources into digestible video modules as part of a wider curriculum is the most successful way to increase engagement and reduce churn.

Video training modules can be both bite-sized and detailed. They are personal in that they can engage with the audience and they’re accessible – always available to be watched 24/7.

We’ve helped the UK Government deliver training to teaching and welfare staff across the globe.

Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP) is a Ministry of Defence, HM Government agency providing education, social and welfare support to children and families of service personnel stationed on British bases around the world.

Bareska team have supported DCYP since 2010 with training videos designed to bridge the vast distances over which MoD and teaching staff receive their training and professional development.

Our videos have covered a wide array of subjects, some of which highly sensitive and complex in nature.

Our expertise and value to DCYP has been in distilling complex Government policy documentation into digestible and plain English video commentary and narrative for service parents and teaching staff.

Our services have included consultancy on language use in video, narrative building and then in creation and delivery of the videos. Some of which, have required Bareska’s crews to travel and film on sensitive Government establishments around the Globe such as in Germany, Cyprus and Italy.

We have worked with Bareska since 2009 and have completed multiple projects every year since then.

Our training film requirements are complex in that they involve conveying a mix of information relating to work with children/young people in an education and children’s services environment. The quality of the work produced by them is exceptionally good, both in terms of content development and finished product, i.e. highly professional, very adaptive to need, always on time and to a high spec, working across multiple countries.

Mark Fraser, Assistant Director (Pupil and Family Services - DCYP)

Are you considering having a training video made but you or your staff are camera shy? We’ve put together this handy guide for some key tips on how to excel and be comfortable on camera.

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