Delivering high quality recruitment, news and internal communication video.

Between 2007 and 2014 we supported the Ministry of Defence departments and British Army agencies with video and internal communications services.

12 Training films – 40 Internal news features – 4 Internal communication films

Over the course of 7 years we created over 12 MoD agency training videos for British Forces social services staff, internal communications and further learning films for military personnel and UK based MoD civilian staff. Our production requirements took our teams onto live firing training ranges across Europe and the world and into military bases – filming in high security areas. We have exacting processes and protocols across all our team to satisfy the most sensitive of requirements.


Delivering training videos to services staff across a number of sensitive and challenging topics required us to approach these projects with patience, understanding and focus. We have produced lengthy video resources to complement training on bereavement, high levels of social mobility, education and special educational needs. Our filming took our crews to a number of military locations around the world.

Internal communication

In support of MoD internal communications, we delivered a number of video messages which were published on military channels and intranet systems. Often this meant decoding complex government policy changes and putting into simple language and engaging video messaging as a way of signposting important changes that MoD personnel needed to be aware of.

Forces News

Having developed a reputation with the Forces community and government department as a enrolled preferred supplier we further supported the Services with features video production for Forces TV (BFBS) the broadcaster to British forces personnel based in global locations.

Over the course of 5 years we created and delivered over 40 features pieces for broadcast around the world. This included short form features to history documentaries – subjects included the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, The History of the Desert Rats, Snipers Uncovered a UK first that took a behind the scenes look at elite sniper training and another first (which later received a channel 5 commission) on a behind the scenes look at Naval officer training at Britannia Royal Naval Academy. The last assignment took our crews 125 nautical miles out to sea with the Royal Navy Fisheries Protection teams as they boarded European trawlers and fishing boats ensuring compliance with fishing laws.

We have worked with Bareska since then autumn 2009 and have completed multiple projects every year since then (total around 10 -12).

Our training film requirements are complex in that they involve conveying a mix of information relating to work with children/young people in an education and children’s services environment. The quality of the work produced by them is exceptionally good, both in terms of content development and finished product, i.e. highly professional, very adaptive to need, always on time and to a high spec, working across multiple countries (we have completed projects in Germany, Cyprus and the UK) etc.

No hesitation in providing the highest recommendation and any further information as and when requested to do so

Mark Fraser, Assistant Director (Pupil and Family Services)