Schwarzkopf Professional.

We have supported Schwarzkopf Professional’s wide portfolio of B2B haircare brands since 2016.

This includes every element from concept, production and post production of well over 120 videos, ranging from highly entertaining marketing clips to “infotainment” tutorials, with a very high degree of visual quality.

Reaching over 300k views on both the company’s social media outlets, including YouTube and Instagram, as well as exclusive subscription based platforms for professionals in the haircare & hairdressing industry. Bareska Germany is a valued production partner for Schwarzkopf Professional.

We have a very strong emphasis on professional standards and high quality post production results to ensure we deliver video of the highest standards. We are committed to making all stages of the production experience as easy for the company brand team as possible. This means complete dedication to thorough consulting and planning in Pre Production meetings, fast production turnarounds and, above all, reachability. We are always on hand to answer any questions, incorporate new ideas and implement edit revisions as they arise. It’s this accessibility specifically that Schwarzkopf’s brand manangers value in us, working with a proven partner that is there all the way. The feeling of having the workload off their backs and the job well done.

Bareska is a highly valued production partner for the entire range of Schwarzkopf Professional’s B2B brands.

Our special focus is on producing very high quality and social media compatible, as well as "paid for”, educational and entertaining content.