Visual strategy, content and metrics

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What we do

Strategic results for long term value

Our work is designed to support your business for the longer term. We put plans and content in place that make measurable benefit to your business.

We’re here to take care of every aspect of producing and delivering successful video and visual campaigns for your business. We handle it all. We design brand and video strategies to fit your marketing and business plan, oversee brand positioning, create content that works and publish it with our unique methodology to ensure you get the right business outcomes.

We are the responsible video and visual communications company that you’ve always wished existed. We have specialist expertise in insurance, finance, technology and b2b.

How we do it

Our end-to-end video service

Strategy & Positioning

Great visuals and video for your campaign start with a strong and clear strategy. Our positioning and strategic team deliver plans that determine the best use of video for your business.

Micro Moments & Production

We recognise your audience may be varied and difficult to engage. This is why our campaigns are led by a series of Micro Moments – beautiful mini videos teasing your audience for more.

Virtual Studios

Communicating complex or summarised financial, statistical or technological data in an engaging way is a challenge. Let’s face it, hefty paper documents rarely get read cover to cover which is why we created our unique virtual studio service.

Data Metrics

Why create a visual campaign full of video if you have no idea how it’s performing? At Bareska we track the performance and engagement of every video we publish.

Why we do it

We believe video content should work so much harder for you and that you deserve a company that takes care of every video aspect from strategy to publishing. We strive to make content for a purpose, made to the right specifications and published to the right audiences. So, we set out to understand your business, brand and audience to ensure your video strategy delivers positive results.

We partner and work alongside global and national businesses. We support our clients on a long journey that ensures any video aspect of any campaign delivered works as it should and returns the business outcomes you seek to achieve.

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