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We provide B2B businesses with winning formulas and outcomes that drive success in sales enablement, transformation & change and audience engagement.

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How we help you

We have a unique approach to delivering strategic content excellence for B2B businesses. We leverage powerful generative AI tooling and experienced consultants to work at pace delivering the highest standards of outcomes that support your business growth. Our AI prompt engineers are business content experts, ensuring the best data goes in, to get the best results out. Our work helps businesses close complex deals, engages staff and customers and drives adoption of change.



We create sales stories and compelling sales content, connecting you to your prospects and customers effectively and quickly – building compelling pitches and sales materials that drive an emotional response in your buyers.

Engagement & Adoption

Our strategic approach to engaging a workforce or marketplace allows you to smoothly drive adoption for change. We deliver engaging training materials with dynamic delivery methods that provide clarity and detailed insight – reducing churn, enabling change.

Transformation & Change

Our strategic approach to communicating change supports business in achieving and delivering large internal and market transformation programmes faster and without the hurdles. We build powerful stories and effective messaging to deliver buy-in from an invested audience.

Generative AI

A bold new approach to business content creation

Bareska is a fully enabled AI output expert – helping businesses safely navigate the complex world of AI content generation.

Our bench of Content Prompt Engineers, working with experienced content consultants, are trained and certified to ensure that we put in the best commands to get you the best outputs out.

Our proprietary architecture safeguards your data privacy while we work, and our QA stages ensures output meets the requirement, creativity and quality standards you demand. This means work is delivered in hours, not weeks, and at highly price efficient rates.

Enabling Sales

In the world of large and complex deals, standing out is tough – we specialise in making your sales pitches and buyer’s journey successful. We craft and deliver everything your team needs for a winning bid – from the deal narrative to eye-catching visuals and content rich presentations and pitches. We simplify the complex and distil to the core essence – helping you get to the point.

Our magic lies in weaving together a powerful suite of materials tailored to support your deal, resulting in a pitch that sparks a powerful emotional response in your customer.

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Transformation buy-in

Your successful transformation happens faster when your people or customers are invested. It’s vital they come with you willingly, supporting and co-driving change, and that’s where we come in.

Our work supports you by ensuring regular and aligned communication strategies are delivered, and content is engaging and persuasive. Messaging is motivating and clear and that customers and staff feel part of the change.

Audience engaged; adoption delivered

We specialise in creating content and experiences to engage a corporate audience to achieve a specific aim.

Our work has helped companies drive faster adoption rates of new systems amongst some of the most complex industries in the world – and achieve improved staff brand loyalty in a global and disparate business within multiple global territories.

Why Bareska

Our work engages your audience and initiates an emotional respopnse to action. Our work gets you customer and staff buy-in.

We craft and deliver everything your business needs for winning bids – from the deal narrative to eye-catching visuals and rich presentations. We simplify the complex and distil to the core essence – helping you get to the point.

Our magic lies in weaving together a powerful suite of materials tailored to support your deal, resulting in a pitch that not only makes your offer crystal clear but also sparks a powerful emotional connection with your customer. 

Why a unique approach is your key to win

Engage your audience

Your audience will only give buy-in if they understand what you’re offering. We create a compelling narrative and value proposition delivered through powerful content – enabling your sales teams to be effective, successful and drive emotional responses from your customers.

Powerful sales materials

We arm your sales team with aligned and consistent content to explain your products and services ensuring they are designed and delivered to meet specific business goals.

Differentiate your brand

Large deals are complex and can be highly competitive. Immerse your audience in a compelling, bespoke brand experience that makes you stand out, from the moment they walk in the room to long after the pitch is over.

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Helping an industry leader win over the world’s insurance industry.


High street beauty giant earns greater employee engagement.


Knockout sales pitch for global tech brand wins $bn deal.

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