Don't count the people you reach, reach the people that count!

At Bareska we don’t seek to get you seen by masses of random people – that doesn’t bring results. Getting you seen by the exact audience that’s interested in your brand or service is what brings results. That’s what drives us. 

We believe business growth relies on a foundation of strong relationships. Trust and mutual respect are fundamental to a long-term partnership and a visual and story-telling approach to communicating helps convey this. 

High quality content and communication is needed where your brand has strong values and relationships. Your marketing and communication must reflect that trust. 

Fundamental to our values of trust and strong relationships at Bareska is being accountable for our actions. This is the reason we strive to be a market leader in data driven video and visual strategies – as these allow us to measure everything we do and provide absolute transparency in how our work for you performs. 

Our mission.

• Deliver on our customer’s goals

• Work quickly and efficiently & stay within budget

• Provide outstanding and unbeatable customer service

• Deliver superb visual narrative content

• Be unlike any other agency

Our core values.

• To empower our customers with knowledge, insight and solutions for a video-first approach in their business.

• To attract and nurture new and amazing talented experts to create a rich and diverse hot pot of creative people.

• To be nice to each other, our customers and deliver an outstanding experience and service in everything we do.

Our vision? 

To be a centre of excellence for visual communication – the authority for delivering content and strategy that solves business problems. 

We also have a responsibility. We support and champion young people entering the B2B video marketing industry, recognising that it needs to be held-up as a career path of its own now. Provide excellence in training, a place to learn and grown and an accredited programme of learning and springboard into the industry. 

Are you a video producer, creative director or top of the class video strategist or corporate storyteller? Please get in touch – we’d love to speak with you!